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Filed under: Tennessee Titans position battle: running back

What Chris Wesseling has to say about the Titans.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans are about to undergo a huge upheaval over the next month. That will include two major positional battles according to

The first positional battle is something that everyone has been talking about, the running back position.

Chris Wesseling had this to say about the Titans running back battle:

"Sankey was a massive flop as a rookie, ranking with the likes of Trent Richardson in fewest runs over 15 yards. Even with a fifth-round pedigree, Cobb is a legitimate threat to nail down the starting job."

While everyone at this point is starting to come around to the fact that the media and public perceptions have gone too far negative in terms of Bishop Sankey, it is definitely not a given that Sankey will earn that starting job to start the season.

This year the Tennessee Titans will be looking to improve their power running game, and with that it means that there may be less snaps for a change of pace back like Bishop Sankey.

However, you can also look at the new identity as an opportunity to put Sankey in a place to succeed. Where he and this roster will get a lot of their "pop" plays this year, will likely be with screen passes and outside runs that take advantage of linebackers being sucked in by the running game and Marcus Mariota's legs.

And with that schematic advantage, Bishop Sankey should see some good matchups on the edge which is where he wins.

Sure this year Bishop Sankey may not start of games, but I will be shocked if he isn't much more effective.