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RosterWatch on the Tennessee Titans offensive line

What does think of the Tennessee Titans offensive line.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

So it isn't a secret that I and others have said that the Tennessee Titans offensive line has a sneaky chance to take a big step forward in 2015. RosterWatch is in the middle of breaking down and examining offensive lines, and today they released their outlook on the Tennessee Titans.


The entire 2014 season was terrible, but maybe the worst thing about it was watching players like Taylor Lewan get injured only to be replaced by train wrecks like Jamon Meredith and Will Svitek.

Well according to RW, that shouldn't be an issue this year:

" Both Poutasi and Schwenke were considered solid prospects as they entered the NFL. Poutasi’s positional versatility appears key to the construction of this unit. The Titans have two veteran offensive tackles on deck if he needs to move inside to guard, or simply isn’t ready to start yet. This is a B- group with some upside, that looks like it could survive an injury."

They also mention before this that Andy Levitre should be on a short leash at left guard and that he could also play some center if he needs to. So now that the Titans finally have some quality depth, this is a unit that is ready to support a young quarterback.


While fantasy football success is never a direct correlation to success on the field, what they have to say about the Titans potential at running back is something that Titans fans have been wanting to hear for years:

"It’s also a group that looks to be pretty adept in the run game. As we tend to say "No Sank-You" around here, we like they way things are shaping up for either David Cobb or Antonio Andrews to become a sneaky flex play by year’s end. We also expect Marcus Mariota to use his feet plenty in year one behind this offensive line. Mariota may also become a sneaky fantasy QB option sooner than later if you play the matchups."

While I disagree with their opinion on Bishop Sankey (small sample size, bad offensive line, no quarterback play, etc.) everyone agrees that the Tennessee Titans need to be much better running the ball in short down and distances and in the redzone. So if they are recommending Cobb and Andrews, that obviously means that they think a stronger offensive line will lead to more success in the power running game.

Overall, a "B-" offensive line with upside is a massive upside over an offensive line that was a "C-" last year at best. If Poutasi can become an average to above-average right tackle (or if Byron Bell can do the same) then this team could be great. If the Titans could get Evan Mathis and move Levitre inside then this offensive line would be lethal.