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Tennessee Titans News Links: Officially Official

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Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN Radio talks about Marcus Mariota becoming a Titan officially. What does him signing his contact with the Titans mean? Well, it means that we finally have our Quarterback signed up. I cannot wait for actual football can start up.

The Titans expect better performance from their concessions vendors. Personally I cannot attest that there was a problem to begin with, but maybe some of you can. Obviously it was a big enough problem that everyone who attended the US Men's National Soccer Team Friendly match complained about it. Hopefully these are the types of things we can complain about during the season because the team is so good.

Delanie Walker says that a big test for Marcus Mariota will be in training camp. He'll take snaps with the ones, and really be able to build a relationship with his offense and the rest of the team. Again, real football is going to be great, so please hurry up and come here soon.