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Keith Bulluck until the 2015 Titans season starts

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

I haven't done very well at keeping up with the countdown posts, but there is no shot I would miss today.  It is 53 days until the season starts, and you know what that means, KEITH BULLUCK DAY!

Bulluck is probably my second favorite Titans of all time behind Steve McNair.  The Titans drafted Bulluck in the first round of the 2000 NFL Draft.  He was a stud on special teams in his first two years before becoming a starter in year 3.  He proceeded to not miss a start for the next 6 years and 14 games into the 7th year before tearing his ACL.  Bulluck was the heart and soul of team for almost a decade.

Mr. Monday Night never got the credit he deserved nationally because he played in Nashville and was an outside linebacker in a 4-3.  Those dang 3-4 OLBs get all the pub.  The fact that Bulluck was only elected to one Pro Bowl and named an All Pro once is a traveshamockery (Better Call Saul!).