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Between The Posts: Ups and Downs

Tough to find individuals in more differing situations. I

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

It's been an interesting few days in Titansland. Justin Hunter has been giving us Pacman flashbacks and the Titans joined the rest of the NFL by finally signing the last of their rookie draft choices; Marcus Mariota. You really couldn't pick guys on more different paths. Hunter's star is fading fast with this criminal indictment, and Mariota is looking to start proving his doubters wrong.

But since we've already had our fill of Hunter for a whole off season already, I'll choose to focus on the positive side of today's news. While it was always a formality, Mariota will be suiting up as the day one starter in Nashville, and that means for the opening day of training camp too. The Titans need every edge they get, and having Mariota miss any time in camp would have been moronic to say the least. Both sides compromised over the much talked-about offset language, so its a win-win. Time to move on and start winning football games instead of negotiations.