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Titans Agree To Terms With Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota will be under center on July 31st.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Despite being the last team to cross the finish line, the Titans have finally reached a deal with their first round pick, Marcus Mariota, according to several reports. According to Mike Garafolo, Mariota's deal should be worth a guaranteed $24.2 million over four years, with a signing bonus of $15.9 million.

As far as the argument regarding offset language, which was essentially the only holdup, both sides reached a compromise that featured partial offsets. For the last time, thank goodness, the issue of a contract having or not having offsets touches on a player being able to "double dip," meaning that he could get paid by his old and new team if released.

After Steve Underwood made public comments last week to Paul Kuharsky taking a hard stance on the offsets issue, you just had a feeling that something would be done soon. The team essentially put all of its chips on the table, because there was no way that at the very least there wouldn't be partial offsets after making such strong, public comments. The comments probably helped speed up the process in hindsight, because it showed how serious the team was about the issue.

All of that being said, this all seems like a very insignificant issue when looking at the big picture. It was like pulling teeth, which it shouldn't be anymore in today's NFL, but both sides came to their senses. With training camp starting next week, we can all sit back, relax, and get ready to watch our new quarterback take this team to the promised land.