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Tennessee Titans News Links: Smorton Edition

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

A big thanks to Morton, who provided me with the links for today. I appreciate it bud.

LeCharles Bentley is training offensive linemen to be better than ever. One of his students is our own Chance Warmack, the big fella who now has a six pack. I cannot wait to see him continue to grow and improve this year. He's a big nasty mauling machine.

C.O. Brocato is a Titan scout and has been in the organization for such a long time. Here is an absolutely phenomenal piece on him and his career as a scout. Seriously this is about as much of a must read as you are going to get.

The Titans built their offense this past offseason with the future in mind. That is what happens when you draft a QB, RB, WR (x2), and FB that should all see considerable playing time.

Football outsiders loves Marcus Mariota, and they think Jameis is a bust. Hopefully that all comes to pass.