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3-4 end market shows Ruston Webster's prowess

Another reason why we should maybe cut Webster some slack.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

You can't squeeze blood from a stone, and you can't draft a franchise quarterback with a pick outside of the top five. That is one thing I think about when people say that Ruston Webster is one of the worst GMs in the league.

Now don't mistake this for me saying that Webster deserves a lot of praise, my point is that he isn't as bad as everyone says he is. When people say that the downfall of the Tennessee Titans over the past few years is his fault, my response is which team has gotten significantly better in that period and pulled themselves out of the dumps? I can't think of one that has really built itself from nothing during that time.

So with that said, when news broke that Cameron Heyward signed a massive new deal I decided to look up some numbers to see how Ruston Webster did re-signing Tennessee Titans star Jurrell Casey a few years ago.

So, on average Heyward will make just under $10 million per year with the Pittsburgh Steelers on his new deal. That is a trend that is slowly starting to emerge with talented 3-4 ends.

Cameron Jordan and Corey Liuget have both recently signed contracts that put them at $11 million annually. Now, that contract makes sense for Jordan, but how Liuget got that money I have no idea. Either way, it seems that even a team friendly contract for a team is going to be somewhere in the $10 million range right? Well, sort of.

Despite being more impressive than both Heyward and Liuget, Jurrell Casey is making only $9 million annually. This makes him sixth among current 3-4 defensive ends. With several players set to hit the market before Casey's contract expires, before it is all said and done the Titans could end up with a top-5 caliber player making less than top-10 money.

While that isn't exactly fixing the franchise, it shows that he is doing some things right and that if this draft pans out like some of his other drafts have, then this could be a major turning point in the franchise. And since they have been pinching pennies and collecting cap here and there, if it is they are poised to make some big moves to add missing pieces to this roster quickly.