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Between The Posts: What We Know

What do we know about the 2015 Titans?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

There is little question that the Titans have a lot to prove to the rest of the NFL as well as their own fans following last year's woeful campaign. It's also obvious from these questions that we can infer that there is a lot we don't know about the future of this squad, and how they will bounce back (or not) in 2015.

But what do we know for sure about this team? We know that they are committed to boosting offensive production which they vigorously pursued with an offense-heavy draft. We know that Mariota will be the starter, and that his performance will make it break the fortunes of the franchise beyond next season. We know that a negative showing from him would be the nail in Ken Whisenhunt's coffin.

We know that the defense was also a liability too often last year, and that Dick LeBeau and Ray Horton are some of the best defensive minds in the NFL. Hopefully those values can be met in the middle.

What else do you know for sure (or as sure as possible in today's league) about the 2015 Titans?