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Tennessee Titans News Links: Optimism Warranted

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Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Ron Jaworski has had his appreciation of Marcus Mariota grow this offseason as he has watched more and more of his college tape at Oregon. He is spot on when he says that Mariota displays the subtleties that are required at the elite level of Quarterbacking. Also, great note about how good of a seam thrower, Marcus his. His fade is a thing of beauty also.

The Titans are changing how they announce attendance for games this season. Really groundbreaking stuff, per usual at this time of the offseason.

Who will be the division MVP? I think the easy answer is Andrew Luck. Without him, the Colts are a 2-14 team. JJ Watt is mentioned, but I really don't think he warrants discussion for most valuable player. Is he the 2nd best player in the division? Sure. For now, until Mariota becomes 1a with Luck. Because as good as Watt is, a top QB is always more valuable, because you win championships with QB play in this league.