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Filed under: ranks Zach Mettenberger the 5th best backup in the league

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports ranked all 32 backup quarterbacks in the NFL.  Zach Mettenberger comes in at #5.  Here was the commentary on Mett:

Near fistfights have unfolded in the NFL newsroom over Mettenberger. I'd take him in a second over some of the warmed-over aging flotsam on this list. He needs work -- some of his tape is apocalyptic -- but there's plenty to work with. ...

That's a pretty good description of Mett. There is no doubt he has tools, but there is still a lot to his game that needs improvement. He could end up being a really good quarterback for a team one day.

Hopefully that team isn't the Titans...because if it is that means that Marcus Mariota didn't pan out. As much as I like Mett, that wouldn't be good for anyone.