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Tennessee Titans News Links: Gategate

Your daily serving of Titan/Nissan Field linkage!

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

It did not take long for a crisis to strike Nissan Stadium. Just kidding, people just had to wait in some long lines because people did not show up for work. The Titans deem this unacceptable (as they should) and will look to fix the problem.

On Titans Online's kickoff to training camp series, Kendall Wright is the subject of today's episode. After seeing Kendall regress a bit in 2014, here's hoping he can hit the ground running and not falling in 2015. Seriously though, if he can get back to his 2014 level, this team will be much better offensively. A term that Baker uses that I like a lot is "basketball on grass" which is exactly what we will be playing with Mariota and the offensive weapons at his disposal.

Hottest seat in the division? It has to be either Pagano or Bradley. Pagano has a team that isn't very good, but a QB that is elite, and thus should make it farther and farther into the playoffs every year as his team gets better. The thing is, I don't believe Pagano is a good head coach, and Grigson is a terrible GM. So here's hoping both those guys stay on forever with the Colts. Bradley drafted Bortles, which should be a fireable offense on its own. However, the Jags got worse in year 2 of the Bradley era. While it should get slightly better this year, again, I don't think he's building anything worthwhile in Jacksonville.