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Tennessee Titans News Links: Offset Language

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans caused a major stir yesterday when it was reported that they will not budge on offset language in Marcus Mariota's rookie contract. Should they budge? Probably. If he busts, then we are going to be in major trouble anyway and offset language will be the least of our problems. Personally I do not really care about this unless he misses part of training camp because of it. Trevor doesn't really care either, which is nice also.

Paul Kuharsky wonders if Marcus Marioto can win by losing the offset language fight.

Who is the rising star in the division? Lot of the AFC South writers are giving Clowney that crown, but personally I think it is going to be Mariota. That isn't even being biased, I legitimately think Mariota will be the second best (by a hair behind Luck) player in this division for a long time.

Quote of the Day: "People are idiots." -Ron Swanson