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Five Defensive Prospects You Should Know for 2016

We are in the beginning stages of 2016 NFL Draft preparation. Here are some defensive names that you should be aware of for the upcoming College Football season.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Football season is rapidly approaching, which means that it's time to start looking at some top college players heading into 2015.  I've started on the defensive side of the ball, considering Ruston Webster went all in on offense in 2015.  This should be a near total defensive draft class next season, assuming everyone doesn't flop this season. Here are five defensive prospects that could fit the Titans' scheme to get you started.

Myles Jack

LB, UCLA (Jr.)

(6'1, 232)

Initial Impression: Athletic freak -- unrivaled burst and closing speed.  Jack could probably play free safety if he needed to.  He's extremely fluid in coverage -- experienced and effective in both man and zone looks.  Actually manned up on several receivers in 2014.  Shows off loose hips and extreme flexibility. Strong and explosive when shedding blocks. You may remember him from 2013 when he played on both sides of the ball.  His ultimate home is at linebacker, but his 5.8 yards per carry shows off his athletic versatility.

Jaylon Smith

LB, Notre Dame (Jr.)

(6'3, 229)

Initial Impression: Jaylon Smith has that quick twitch feel to him. He has a great ability to diagnose and explode.  Acceleration is off the charts. Smith covers ground with ease; he can play sideline to sideline. He does a great job of settling his hips and squaring up runners.  Smith can even come off the edge when asked.  He could probably make a career out of pass rushing if he wanted to. His athletic ability will probably keep him in the top ten selections, possibly top five.

Vernon Hargreaves

CB, Florida (Jr.)

(5'11, 192)

Initial Impression: Hargreaves is perhaps the best pure cover corner in college football today. He has a great ability to mirror and knows when to be physical in coverage.  His ability to plant and close is outstanding. Hargreaves can quickly react and recover in coverage in an instant.  He isn't afraid to get physical against the run either. He doesn't give up on plays and usually finds his way to the ball no matter where he starts the play from.

Jalen Ramsey

S, Florida State (Jr.)

(6'1, 195)

Initial Impression: The word that kept coming to mind when watching Ramsey was "pest."  He's everywhere. You can't get away from him.  He lines up in the slot, deep half, on the line of scrimmage and everywhere in between.  He's an elite athlete and a max effort guy.  He understands angles in coverage.  You'll see him cut off his coverage in man in order to take a shorter path to the ball.  Ramsey brings an attitude to the entire defensive unit and could very well end up a top five pick next Spring.

Joey Bosa

DL, Ohio State (Jr.)

(6'6, 276)

Initial Impression: Bosa was the leader of Ohio State's defensive attack, pumping out 13.5 sacks en route to a national title. He jumps off the tape at you, showing off ideal length and girth for the position. Coming off the edge from his 4-3 base end spot, Bosa shows you good athletic ability.  While I don't think he's on par with J.J. Watt as some have suggested, Bosa gets the job done and then some.  He has excellent strength and can move blockers back against the run. He's a guy that you have to scheme around from an offensive standpoint.