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Tennessee Titans rookie projections: David Cobb

How good can the Minnesota running back be in year one?

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

With preseason approaching and Tennessee Titans fans eager to see their team, it is important to remember that for the next two months the only real news will be how the rookies are learning and adapting to the NFL.

This is what I expect right now from David Cobb

Games started: 10

Games played: 16

I am much higher on David Cobb than some people. I think his film shows that he is a hard runner that doesn't fall down on first contact. I am not sure that he will ever be the player who breaks off an 80-yard run, but that isn't a prerequisite for being a very good running back in the NFL.

For example, last year Eddie Lacy was one of the best running backs in the league but his longest run was only 44 yards. You can win in this league with that sort of running back, especially if you have a quarterback that can do all the little things right.

Stats: 400 snaps, 150 rushes, 600 yards, 15 receptions, 120 yards.

In college Cobb had a career average of 5.1 yards per carry with a lack of talent on the offensive line and really no other focal point in the offense. So, while I don't expect him to put up those kinds of numbers, the holes that the Titans line opens up should look like highways as opposed to the tiny cracks he had in college.

Also, he averaged 10 yards per reception, and as I said earlier with Jalston Fowler, I think Marcus Mariota will allow the receivers to spread the field deep and while the front seven players are trying to keep him in the pocket it will open up some soft spots in the flats.

I expect Cobb to get a few snaps less than Bishop Sankey, but ultimately think that they will carry 80% or the running back workload with Antonio Andrews and Jalston Fowler doing the rest.