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Tennessee Titans rookie projections: Jalston Fowler

What I expect from the Tennessee Titans new fullback.

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

With preseason approaching and Tennessee Titans fans eager to see their team, it is important to remember that for the next two months the only real news will be how the rookies are learning and adapting to the NFL.

This is what I expect right now from Jalston Fowler.

Games started: 0

Games played: 16

There is little doubt in my mind that Fowler was not drafted to sit on the bench. As a fullback, being drafted in the first round is almost the equivalent of drafting any other player in the first round given the low positional value at the position.

So with that in mind, I don't expect the Titans do go line up in two-back sets and pound the ball on ever play (hence the 0 starts), but I do expect Fowler to play in nearly every short down and distance situation including goal line.

Stats: 300 snaps, 15 rushes, 40 yards, 20 catches, 100 yards, 4 TDs

I expect Jalston Fowler to see a good amount of time this year, but anything more than 18 snaps per game feels excessive at this point.

I think that when it comes down to it, between covering the Titans wide receivers, running backs, tight ends, and Marcus Mariota's legs, it will be very easy for Fowler to get lost in the wash. With him drawing poor or no coverage, Marcus Mariota seems like the type of methodical quarterback that will be comfortable checking down to a 5-yard pass.

Also, with his ability to move around and run block, run, catch, and pass protect, it wouldn't surprise me if he won all 3rd down snaps by the end of the season.