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Leroy Harris until the 2015 Titans season starts

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It is officially 64 days until the season starts. My goal going forward is going to be to have a post each day that highlights a guy who wore the uniform number of how many days are left until kickoff for the Titans. Today we continue with #64, Leroy Harris.

There was a time when I thought Harris was going to be the next stud lineman for the Titans. I remember people on talking about how it was actually a good thing that Harris would be playing center for the Titans in the playoff game against the Ravens because he was stronger and could deal better with the Ravens front than Kevin Mawae could at that point in his career. The only concern was his snapping.

Well he snapped at least one ball over the head of Kerry Collins in that game but played well otherwise. Then they moved him to guard and he was never good again.