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Between The Posts: Bad Precedents

There are more questions than answers regarding the League and suspensions at present.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL announced today that Greg Hardy's 10 game suspension is being reduced to 4. The immediate reaction seems to be one of surprise and anger (and maybe rightly so). It is difficult to compare a guilty verdict in court for domestic violence with other 3 and 4 game suspensions handed down throughout the league. You would think the NFL would have come to a different solution, considering the backlash following domestic violence cases last year.

Yet, there is talk that Hardy and his legal team may attempt to fight to reduce the suspension further. The League is setting a dangerous precedent with suspension reductions like this, especially in such a high profile negative case like Hardy's. Initial suspensions seem to carry little weight, and I don't blame those upset by these events in the slightest.