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Tennessee Titans News Links: Better Technique

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Kendall Wright is hoping that better technique and route running will provide better results in 2015. I don't see an instance where he can't get better by improving those things. His ability to play inside and out and his general YAC ability and ability to catch everything got him to be drafted by us in the first round, so improving the technical side of his game should allow him to become really really good.

Ken Whisenhunt says that he sees value in the competitive walkthroughs.

The entire offense, Mariota included had a bad day offensively on Monday. However, silver lining is that the defense had a great day of practice.

Michael Roos is still living in Nashville and still rooting for the Titans. Maybe he can come back and play RT for us if Potassium falls through.

As I said yesterday, Notorious DGB (h/t Gramsey) is working to learn the offense while sidelined by his hamstring injury.