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Scouting the South: Indianapolis Colts

Will the top AFC South team repeat?

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Its that time of year where we turn our attention to the Titans' division rivals. The first team up is the Indianapolis Colts.

2014 Recap: Once again the Colts finished atop a weak AFC South, ending the season 11-5. That earned them a wildcard home game, where they beat the Bengals. They surprised some by knocking out the Broncos in Denver after that, before getting absolutely demolished by the Patriots in the AFC Championship game.

Free Agency Review: Ryan Grigson was very active in free agency, targeting several aging veterans as the team loads up for a Super Bowl push right away. Andre Johnson's play has dropped off since his prime Texan years but Andrew Luck is more talented than any of his former Houston QBs. I'd expect him to have a good season - he managed almost 1,000 yards last year in a far worse offense. The head-scratching signing to me was Frank Gore. I'm all for the thinking of production over potential, but there isn't much point paying for an older running back. This move comes from a general manager who gave up a first round pick for Trent Richardson, so Grigson and I just don't see eye-to-eye on RB value. The one move I really like for them is the signing of Trent Cole. Even at 32 I think Cole can be productive off the edge.

Draft Review: Phillip Dorsett may very well end up being a good player, but its hard to justify selecting a wide receiver for a team that already had TY Hilton, Andre Johnson, Donte Moncrief (a 2014 3rd-rounder) and former CFL star Duron Carter. At some point they need to stop pooling resources so heavily into one position. I even support the idea of building a great offense around your star QB, but this was overkill. Grigson didn't do enough to address other spots on offense and defense. I can't say much else about the rest of their draft class. Admittedly I don't know enough about many of those prospects to write knowledgeably on them. I am stunned they didn't target an offensive lineman earlier on though.

Overrated Player: Not many candidates for this spot, so I'll split the title between Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen. They're decent players, but I think both get talked about as young, talented tight ends when neither has been a reliable weapon in that offense.

Underrated Player: Vontae Davis has drawn strong grades from PFF for two straight seasons and I haven't really given him much credit. They ranked him as the sixth-best player in 2015. When you think of the league's best corners, do you think of Davis? I sure don't. I'm not sold he's worthy of that high praise, but certainly deserves more credit than I've given him.

2015 Outlook: I feel like their projection is similar to last year. Until proven otherwise, they've got the best and most stable quarterback in the AFC South and that should be enough to lead them to another division crown. Thanks to Ryan Grigson's bumbling, the other teams in the division should be able to close the gap a bit. I don't think the Colts have done enough to fix their offensive line and defense, so for that reason I still think they'll struggle to take out the other AFC powers.