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Between The Posts: Rehabbing

Your nightly Titans open thread.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Not much in Titans news today, except that one (unnamed) Tennessee Titans veteran thinks Marcus Mariota is "the real deal". Doesn't need to be said, frankly. Fellow rookie Dorial Green-Beckham is continuing to rehab his hamstring. Meanwhile, Kendall Wright is pushing him to get into shape, and lose around 10 lbs.

Time to zip around the league with some Monday links;

Remember when Ben Tate was awesome and everyone wanted him? That fad didn't lat long. He and Daniel Thomas are now auditioning for a spot in the Detroit Lions backfield.

After an incident (or rather two incidents) which police are yet to fully put together, Brandon Spikes was summarily dismissed from the Patriots. While it's not alike the Hernandez case, the Patriots reacted in a similar fashion, cutting the veteran linebacker before it officially became "news". And who abandons a Maybach in an interstate median anyway? has a quick rundown of ongoing OTA's around the league, including Odell Beckham Jr's temporary shelving, Demaryius Thomas' contract dispute, and the Texans finally realizing that they didn't have an offensive coordinator.