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Tennessee Titans News Links: Paper Thin

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessean has a great article on the Titans and who is looking good in OTAs. JR Tavai is one of those players. Unfortuately the undrafted free agent from USC is playing with the first team because Massaquoi and Orakpo are out rehabbing from their surgeries. I don't know if there is a scarier thought than having that as a starting OLB come the season. Please stay healthy, Brian.

Climer says the Titans must block better this next year. I think we will be in for a terrible season if we don't.

DGB is being patient with his hamstring injury. As he should. No need to make it worse. Also, as long as he's in the playbook, he should have an easier time getting into the offense.

Dexter McCluster needs to find his niche says ESPN. I think he'll be fine as a kick returner but his contract is too big to be just that. He needs to be able to contribute on offense too.