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Marcus Mariota is the key to the Tennessee Titans franchise

Who else?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Jason LaCanfora of CBS Sports wrote a piece a few days ago about the player or person that is key to each franchise.  There are some pretty some pretty interesting ones in there, but you already know, because you aren't an idiot (and because of the headline) that the most important person in this organization is rookie quarterback Marcus Mariota.  Here is what LaCanfora had to say about Mariota:

The worst team in the NFL doesn't take the Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback second overall for him to ride the bench, and he won't. Much is in his hands now, as the ownership group figures out its long-term future (or perhaps sells as many around the NFL expect by the spring of 2016) and decisions will be made on how much time to give head coach Ken Whisenhunt and GM Ruston Webster. Drafting Mariota was a huge nexus in the future of the organization. If it doesn't work, don't think there won't be major consequences.

That last line is pure genius and very true. Ken Whisenhunt probably doesn't get another shot as a head coach if the Mariota experiment doesn't go well. I hope he is smart enough to realize that and approach it the right way.