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Between The Posts: 06/04/15 Titans headlines (and more)

Updating you on everything Tennessee Titans.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

There were a few headlines that grabbed our attentions today, from both inside and outside of the AFC South. For Titans fans; ex-ILB Colin McCarthy announced his retirement today. Of the 2011 Titans draft class, 4 of 8 are no longer in the NFL, and only one can be considered a starter (Jurrell Casey). Oh boy.

Titansonline has an update on OTA's from players across the roster including Delanie Walker, Harry Douglas, David Cobb, and more. The players seem to realize that there is more talent on board now that at the same time last year, and that's a good thing.

Delanie Walker made his voice known today as well, stating that his excellent 2014 season received little attention due to the rest of the team's woes. He's not wrong. But I would prefer it if all the Titans players stopped talking, and just focused on getting the football team turned around...

First on the agenda, the NFL owners have set a meeting date to discuss the development of NFL team(s) in Los Angeles. The situation could go one of ten different ways, and there is a lot of uncertainty about what will happen in the next year or so. LA deserves an NFL franchise (the NFL is surely anxious to get a crack at that market again), but moving two teams there like the Raiders and Chargers? Taking the Rams out of St. Louis? There is lots to discuss before they put some momentous plans in place.

Weigh in with your thoughts MCM faithful.