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Tennessee Titans News Links: Marketability

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Mariota certainly says all of the right things. he proves to be a franchise quarterback on the field, the marketing of him is going to be really easy, and the media is just going to eat it up, as they should. There aren't enough "good guys" in football.

Again, PK talks about Mariota and all the right things he is saying. I love this kid. He's elite in every way.

Soccer has helped Mariota become a better football player he says.

Mariota has the number one selling jersey in May. This again shouldn't be a real surprise as he's very marketable and he does and says all the right thing. Add in that he's an electric football player and you have an marketing dream. I'll be a buyer as well when they offer his jersey in the Elite version.

The Tennessean says the Titans have chosen youth over experience in the safety group. I think Searcy is gonna be a really good one.