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Between The Posts: Team MVP's

Which Titans do you think will shine brightest?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

For tonight's BTP, I ask a simple question, who will be the Titans MVP on offense, and who on defense?

For the offensive side of the ball, I am going to go with Delanie Walker. I think the tight end puts up bigger numbers in 2015 with Mariota under center and a larger cast of talented skill players to lure the attention of defenses. Walker is one of the few "complete" tight ends in the league at the moment, offering high-caliber play as both a blocker and pass catcher. While Kendall Wright may become Mariota's "safety net", Walker could be the movable chess piece that puts the this offense over the top.

On defense, Avery Williamson is my pick. Casey is the superstar, but I think the former Kentucky Wildcat grows into something special starting in 2015. In limited snaps last season he was a consistent bright spot, and I think a marriage between him and LeBeau bodes well for Tennessee. Work must be done in the trenches to ensure the run-defense issues of last year don't manifest themselves again, but having a reliable anchor in the heart of the defense will do wonders.

Who are your picks?