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Tennessee Titans News Links: Assimilation

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Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

According to a coach of the offense of the Titans, Mariota is picking things up rather quickly. Good news all around.

The depth at cornerback for the Titans just got a little lower. This definitely increases the chance IMO that one of the two UDFA CBs make the roster.

Taylor Lewan talks about the offensive line this year and them gelling as a unit.

The Titans will look to run better. With Mariota, and with their RBs.

Phillip Supernaw has been signed by the Titans, and Lucas Vincent has been waived. Vincent was really good at Mizzou and I'm really surprised he got cut this early on.

Climer says that Mariota can't escape the Winston comparison, try as he may. Personally I think he is going about it the right way. If he does everything he can do to become the best football player he can, then he doesn't need to worry about anything else. The media's job is to make those comparisons.

The Titans run a lot of plays out of shotgun. This is great for our running game and passing game.