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Between The Posts: Slow Days

Football fans' worst calendar months...

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL's quietest days are upon us, and even with the national media and NFL-crews attempting to insinuate that football is a 365 day a year sport nowadays, it sure doesn't feel like it in the slump between minicamps and the start of training camp. We are so inundated with the sport during the season that it makes this time frame feel like the dead zone. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if companies noted a significant downward turn in production (and morale) amongst football fans during these weeks...

Thankfully the Titans approach training camp without any major issues on the horizon. No big contract holdouts. No pending suspensions. And no major drama. I had concerns that this team was pulling a New York Jets-style implosion when Barnard Pollard and Delanie Walker spoke out late last year, but it seems those fears were unfounded. In fact, the staff seem to have the team upbeat about their chances to turn things around this season. After the tumult of the last few years, some stability and a clear path to the future would be a nice thing to have in Nashville.

With obvious options like Marcus Mariota out of the equation, what do you think will be the biggest changes with this team from last year to this one?