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Tennessee Titans rookie's best game: Taylor Lewan

Lewan's best game of 2014.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans were a bad team last year, but that did give the Titans rookies a chance to shine. No one stood out as much on film last year as Taylor Lewan.

The big bully from Michigan didn't take any grief from anyone, whether that was another rookie or if it was James Harrison. He stared down everyone that stood across from them and 9 times out of 10 he would absolutely embarrass them.

There was no game where this was more apparent than the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Lewan vs the Steelers

-Lewan starts off the game by grabbing Lawrence Timmons from a pile and throwing him off of Bishop Sankey.

-Later in the game he sees Bishop Sankey stumbling with someone around his ankles and instead of passively watching, he picks up Sankey and dives into the endzone carrying both he and the ball carrier. That was the Titans first touchdown of the game.

-At another point James Harrison comes in at Lewan with a head of steam and just gets stonewalled by the rookie. Lewan takes him inside and just locks him down.

-Late in the 3rd, Brett Keisel has had such little success pass rushing against Lewan that he just stands back and tries to swat down passes.

-Again Lewan loads up and stonewalls a defender, this time it is Lawrence Timmons on a stunt.

-Also, it should be noted that the whole time this is going on, Lewan is barking at the Steelers defense.

-Twice on screen plays Lewan has done an excellent job getting outside and just bulldozing a path for the receiver.

-Finally 3-4 ends like Keisel have given up on rushing Lewan and instead just fall inside to attack Levitre, something that would kill them if they were playing Marcus Mariota and having to defend potential scrambles.

You couldn't ask for a better game than this, and I have to imagine that next year as the full time starter his play will increase the play of those around him. Lewan is a barking trash talker that doesn't back down and he is someone that give this offense a huge spark.