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B/R top 1000 Tennessee Titans: Tight Ends

Delanie Walker headlines a good group.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Miller is publishing his "B/R NFL 1000" rankings, where he goes over film and meticulously ranks and grades the performances of nearly every contributing member of each NFL team. This is a refreshing change from PFF rankings, which I enjoy but some people don't fully believe in.

This is his ranking of the Tennessee Titans tight ends, and if I feel like they are too high or low.

Anthony Fasano: #34

Interesting fact: Ranked one spot ahead of Vernon Davis

Fasano was a very reliable player last year, and Miller agrees with my idea that even without Taylor Thompson this is a good group of tight ends. With Craig Stevens as a good blocking tight end with the ability to play special teams, it will be interesting to see how often the Titans use Fasano as a receiving weapon to pair with Delanie Walker.

Delanie Walker: #9

Interesting fact: Walker was ranked a 19/20 speed rating

I'm not sure I agree with some of the players ahead of Walker, namely Charles Clay and Julius Thomas. Clay has never stood out to me as a game changer, and Thomas has to prove he can be a tight end away from Peyton Manning, which very few tight ends have done.

Walker is a game changer in this league with the right quarterback, but to be fair you can't judge someone based off what they could do in an ideal situation. Until Walker has a great quarterback, it will be hard to put him in the top five of any list.