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B/R top 1000 Tennessee Titans: Centers

Where the oft injured center ended up on the list.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Miller is publishing his "B/R NFL 1000" rankings, where he goes over film and meticulously ranks and grades the performances of nearly every contributing member of each NFL team. This is a refreshing change from PFF rankings, which I enjoy but some people don't fully believe in.

This is his ranking of the Tennessee Titans Brian Schwenke and Chris Spencer, and some of my thoughts on where they should be:

Brain Schwenke: #32

Interesting fact: Schwenke is ranked behind three current free agents.

I really cant argue with this ranking. With Andy Levitre and Chance Warmack on the rise, the only holes in the Titans offensive line are center and right tackle. Miller sums it up really well with his final paragraph on Schwenke:

Schwenke went down late in the year with a knee injury, so it will be interesting to see what he can do moving forward into 2015. When healthy, Schwenke has the tools to be a starter and does offer upside at the position.

If he can get healthy, maybe his speed and aggression will be more useful in a more mobile offense like the one the Titans will try out in 2015. If not, he could easily be looking at the bench next year.

Chris Spencer: #23

Interesting fact: Despite playing around half as many snaps as Schwenke, he still ranked significantly higher.

I honestly didn't think that Spencer would make this list. Not only did he make the list, but he graded out significantly higher than the incumbent for the 2015 NFL season. This is another reason why I think that the Titans should definitely move Levitre to the inside for a few practices and see how he can do (to see if Jeremiah Poutasi can play left guard). Also, this lack of talent should make Andy Gallik more interesting in camp this year.