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Pannel Egboh Until the 2015 Titans Season Starts

Handout/Getty Images

It is officially 79 days until the season starts. My goal going forward is going to be to have a post each day that highlights a guy who wore the uniform number of how many days are left until kickoff for the Titans. Today we continue with #79, Pannel Egboh.

As you can probably tell by the selection of Egboh for 79, there aren't very many good options here. Egboh recorded 2 tackles in his 2 years with the Titans. I just remember Jeff Fisher talking about him all of the time. I think it was because he liked saying "Pannel Egboh."

Egboh also spent time with the 49ers, Eagles, Texans and Jaguars but never appeared in a regular season game with them.