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Between The Posts: Running Back To Relevancy

The Titans are hoping their new-look backfield can get the job done.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee used to be known for their physical run game and, at times, an explosive one too. But the last few years have seen the team struggle to generate production from the running back position. Last season Shonn Greene and Bishop Sankey proved a lackluster pairing. With Greene out and Minnesota rookie David Cobb in, the team is hoping for a rejuvenated attack.

The offensive line needs to do better, and there is little doubt about that fact. The addition of new blockers, as well as a QB with a versatile skill set could greatly benefit the entire Tennessee running game. It is essential for the team to support Mariota early on with a balanced rushing attack. Hopefully in the future, the team can use it as their linchpin to grind down opponents and runnout the clock for wins.

Do you see David Cobb and Bishop Sankey providing the spark needed to propel Tennessee?