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Titans Reach Agreement With Nissan; Venue Renamed "Nissan Stadium"

Titans make another change in what feels like a fresh start from top to bottom.

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

In an off-season full of transition, from ownership to the starting quarterback, the Tennessee Titans have made another change. What fans have known as "LP Field" will be known now as "Nissan Stadium" effective immediately, according to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean.

While LP will still be partnered up with the Titans, the money now seems to be flowing through Nissan as far as sponsorship. The deal between the two is reportedly for 20 years. Apparently, there will be a press conference tomorrow.

While many fans contend that Adelphia Coliseum--the original name of the stadium in the beginning stages of the franchise--was the best name out of the three, Nissan Stadium has a nice ring to it. The "LP Field" years (2006-14) will be ones to forget, but hopefully in what just feels like a fresh start, we will see more positives in the newly sponsored stadium. The best part is, as someone said on Twitter, the Titans are undefeated at Nissan Stadium.