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Tennessee Titans News Links: Rookie Symposium

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Dorial Green-Beckham and other Titans went to the rookie symposium this week. Dorial Green-Beckham says that he now knows what he can and can't do. Which of course is why they go to these things, so that the rules are completely spelled out for them and so there really isn't grey area.

The Titans would like to use Mariota's legs to add a wrinkle into the offense. He did a really good job in college of running on run plays and passing on passing plays, a trait I'm sure Whiz loves. The other thing Mariota does well in the run game is the ability to not take the big hit, like Russell Wilson or former scat-back for the Titans, Chris Johnson.

Quote of the Day: I don't have the exact quote because I am blocked by him on twitter, but Benjamin Allbright said that Peyton Manning was offered to the Houston Texans in a trade. This is obviously not true, or has it ever been, but Allbright has #sauces# and will rub it in your face. So if you're in the mood, head on over to his feed and give him some trouble, he'll take it terribly.