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Between The Posts: Pecking Order

The AFC South has been easy to predict the last few years...

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans find themselves picking up after their worst season since the team arrived in Nashville, in an AFC South that has been anything but competitive the last few years. The Colts, the only team to have a semblance of an answer at the quarterback position, have found dominating the division to be all too easy. Houston has pinned their hopes on a suffocating defense, but that alone doesn't win much in today's NFL. Meanwhile the Titans and Jaguars have languished in the proverbial basement, who's only wins seems to come against one another.

But is the South primed for a shakeup of this cemented pecking order? The Colts have Andrew Luck and a bevy of offensive skill postition talents, but GM Ryan Grigson has not proved an effective roster builder thus far, and the team seems to have pinned some of their hopes on aging veterans and late round draft picks (especially in the trenches). Houston continue to build their defense, but it means little without even a shred of a quality under center. I don't imagine many teams are shaking at the prospect of playing Brian Hoyer or Ryan Mallett...

The Jaguars seem to be in a constant state of "rebuilding", but their hopes rest squarely on the shoulders of Blake Bortles, who had a rough go of it his rookie year. The Titans appear to be the dark horse of the bunch, with a real signal caller and a defense going into year two of the 3-4 overhaul.

Do the division standings look very different at the end of 2015?