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Tennessee Titan News Links: Magic 8 Ball

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Who will be the best quarterback in the NFL in 3 years? Odds are that its Andrew Luck, but that doesn't mean Marcus Mariota can't be in that conversation. John Clayton ranks the top 10 QBs in each of the next three years.

Pro Football Writers of America induct Dick LeBeau to the Dr. Zimmerman Awards.

The Taylor Thompson case is being looked into by the NFLPA. It was definitely an odd case of one party saying he was injured and the other party saying he was fine.

Will the AFC South be more competitive this year? I think yes, but that is because it would hard to be worse than last year. Mariota will make the Titans much better. Possibly bringing them up to 2nd place. The goal is to build a more complete team than the Colts (shouldn't be hard with Grigson in charge) so we've got some time.