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Between The Posts: Turnaround

Turning this ship around won't be easy.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

There was a general consensus that it will take time for things to make an about-face in Nashville. The Titans ended last season in the basement in most of the significant statistical categories, on both sides of the ball. But there is optimism that things are changing for the better, and that it may not take quite as long to mold the current roster into a winner.

Defensively, Ray Horton and Dick LeBeau are leading a unit in year two of their 3-4 switch, which is, historically, an important distinction from first year units. Depth is an issue along much of the defensive depth chart, but there is talent to be found in the group; certainly better than the bottom-five group the league saw last season.

On offense, it starts and ends at QB. Even a lineup of pro bowl players wilt in the face of strong competition without a legitimate quarterback. Do the Titans have that in Mariota? I think they do. This was a group much maligned last season, with numerous skill players not living up to expectations. They should be hungry for success. They also have an infusion of young talent who have coaches and fans alike excited.

Do you think the offense and/or defense can develop into top 15 units this year?