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Have the Tennessee Titans found a new defensive playmaker?

Have the Titans found their way out of "vanilla" territory?

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Brian Bahr/Getty Images

The Tennessean's John Glennon has been on top of offseason coverage this year (like he is every year), and his minicamp wrap-up is the perfect example of him reminding fans of something that had read but maybe not taken in. The Tennessee Titans may have found a new defensive playmaker, but he has been over shadowed by the great news on Marcus Mariota (and probably rightfully so).

Perrish Cox has made play after play this offseason, and this is what Glennon had to say specifically:

"One of the reasons the Titans signed Cox during free agency is because he was an aggressive defender who was around the ball a lot last season in San Francisco. Those traits were apparent during Titans' OTAs and minicamp as well, as Cox regularly earned praise from the coaching staff for being in the right place at the right time.

The fact that cornerback Blidi Wreh-Wilson missed the offseason recovering from shoulder surgery made Cox's addition even more valuable, and the fact that Cox brings with him a certain swagger doesn't hurt, either."

As much as I expect veteran coaching legend Dick LeBeau to manufacture some great defense this year and utilize the young talent added in the last few years, it doesn't hurt to bring in a guy who can potentially make plays. Last year, this team was vanilla on both sides of the ball. Fast forward just a few months, and they have an explosive group of receivers, a revamped running attack and offensive line, an overhauled secondary, and a tandem of very good pass rushers.

This team needs to pair Jason McCourty with a strong player to remake the aggressive Alterraun Verner/Gregg Williams defensive strategy, and if Cox develops into that player, this team should be anything but vanilla.