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Randy Moss until the Titans season starts

Bob Levey/Getty Images

It is officially 84 days until the season starts. My goal going forward is going to be to have a post each day that highlights a guy who wore the uniform number of how many days are left until kickoff for the Titans. Today we continue with #84, Randy Freaking Moss.

Sure, Randy Moss only managed 6 catches for 80 yards in this 8 games with the Titans in 2010, but he gave us the greatest week in this history of Music City Miracles. It is also when I found the greatest video on YouTube:

The dream, of course, died when Kenny Britt came back from his hamstring injury and Jeff Fisher declared that he couldn't get Britt and Moss on the field at the same time because they played the same position. That Fisher, he's a genius.

Moss, regardless of the fact that he only played 8 games with the Titans, is the greatest receiver to ever play for the team. I love him!