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Titans Release Taylor Thompson

The saga ends, and the Titans decide to part ways with tight end Taylor Thomspon.

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That was quick. After a couple days of a public back-and-forth between the Titans and tight end Taylor Thompson, the team decided to move on, according to multiple reports. There had been a lot of discrepancy recently about whether or not his knee that he injured last September was still a problem. The way Jim Wyatt put it earlier today , Thompson thought that his knee was an issue, and the team did not.

After a minicamp practice earlier this week, he was fined for missing his physical, and did not communicate with the team. He also missed a lot of the OTA's. Coach Whisenhunt said, ""To be honest with you, I don't know what to tell you,'' Whisenhunt said. "When (Taylor) left here, however many weeks ago, he was healthy. We communicated, he said he was fine, no issues, other than some personal matters. He shows up, says there's something wrong with his knee, and I have no idea what he is talking about,'' Whisenhunt said. "We got the physical on him, so I don't know. We're in the stage of trying to find out what is going on. … But the communication I had with him after he left, there was no mention of the knee. He practiced fine (earlier in the offseason) … and had no complaints. I don't know what to tell you at this point."

Thompson was a player that was going to be a project from day one, switching from the defensive line to tight end. Last pre-season, he finally started to show some promise, and looked to be a potential contributor on offense. Unfortunately, he injured his knee right when he started making progress, and was placed on injured reserve. We will likely never find out how talented he could be at tight end.

Luckily, the Titans are pretty deep at tight end, especially after signing Anthony Fasano. Craig Stevens, who may have had an uphill battle ahead of him as far as making the roster, is the beneficiary of the situation. We'll see if anyone else in that position group wants to step up.