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Between the Posts: Realistic Expectations

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans won 2 games last season (in case you didn't know). We all want to see them make progress, but since they were the worst team in the league last year at the end of the season, technically any record better than 2-14 is progress.  That's nice, but I want to see a lot more than that.

With that being said, I need to see a lot more than that to feel like there was actual progress.  While I would love to see a playoff run, I don't think that is realistic.  The Titans are still a team that has some major holes and a rookie quarterback.  Hopefully we can see Marcus Mariota, the aforementioned rookie quarterback, get better and better as the season goes along.

Six wins is my floor.  I will not be good with anything less than that, and they better at least be competitive in the other games on the schedule.  The Titans will still likely be a bottom third of the league team next year, but they should make some huge strides that will have them ready to compete in 2016.

So what say you?  What are your realistic expectations for 2016?