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Between The Posts: Friday Edition


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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's Friday, and a relatively quiet one at that. Time to zip around the league;

The NFL seems to have plenty of contract disputes going on right now, including Demaryius Thomas of the Denver Broncos and Dez Bryant, the latter of which is threatening to miss game time if a resolution isn't met. I mean, I'm all for guys getting paid, but is that really the best way to go about it? Even if a deal is done, it leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth, at least in my opinion. In the end, missing games due to a contract dispute leaves a situation with no winners.

Brandon Spikes was officially cites on charges of a hit and run. He was, of course, let go by the Patriots immediately after the incident became public, which leads me to believe they know more about this than we do.

John Glennon of the Tennessean lists the Titans who are taking advantage of their time in OTA's. Among them are safeties Daimion Stafford and MarQueston Huff, rookie DT Angelo Blackson, and new signing Perrish Cox. For the record, I think Huff could develop into a pretty good football player.

Another contract dispute led to the Eagles releasing pro-bowl guard Evan Mathis yesterday. He would be the league's oldest starter at guard, but I think he'd look pretty great in two-toned blue, and could be a solid piece on a rebuilt offensive line. Pro Football Focus absolutely loves this guy. I doubt the Titans are able (or trying) to lure in Mathis, but from the outside in, it looks like it would be a good add. No doubt the Titans would still need some evaluation on the offensive line, even if they went and got Mathis, it would be a step in the right direction for a team looking to jump start their running game and protect their biggest investment, the guy at the QB position.