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Tennessee Titans News Links: Continuous Improvement

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Whiz talks with NFL Network about Marcus and really just raves the entire interview about Mariota and his ability. He talks about tailoring the offense to his skill set and the give and take. A bunch of the concepts he already knew, just different terminology.

Heath Evans and Curtis Conway talk about the impact Mariota can have in the huddle in just his rookie year. Evans also talks about bleeding into the locker room. As long as this isn't a literal bleeding, I will accept it.

Tre McBride talks about leaning on veterans when he has questions and that he's been asking Trevor's favorite player, Justin Hunter, a lot of questions. There is a shot of McBride running with Connor Neighbors. I thought I had seen the last of him when he graduated from LSU, but here he is.

Mettenberger is trying to become more elusive. Maybe one day he'll be as elusive as Mariota and we can do a two QB wildcat formation.

Quote of the Day: "I can hit stuff faster." -Zach Brown (Glad to have you back healthy, bud.)