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Between The Posts: Rave Reviews

The Titans new QB is saying, and doing, all the right things.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

While many have been quick to note that new Titans QB Marcus Mariota's many plaudits from OTA's are premature, I think a certain degree of credibility goes into them as well. I, for one, cannot recall players saying the same things about Jake Locker or Vince Young before him, upon entering the NFL. The accuracy is the key aspect that has impressed onlookers and teammates alike. Maybe the erroneous rhetoric of the pre-draft process gave them lower expectations of the signal caller, or maybe those critics are already withdrawing a little bit? Maybe both? The sheer number of compliments coming his way from different areas of the team is positive too. It's not just his wideouts or his position coach, just about everyone has said their piece, and it's been overwhelmingly positive, You'll likely never hear particularly scathing reports coming out of OTA's in the middle of June, but players can choose to remain quiet (outside the NFL media mandates of course), and their choice of words says a lot, even in these low-key practice sessions.

Now we all know it's not all rainbows and roses, but Mariota is saying and, more importantly, doing all the right things in Nashville. Hopefully that trend continues into training camp and beyond. What do you think of Mariota so far (from the little we've seen)?