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Tennessee Titans News Links: Better Safe Than..

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans are playing it safe with Brian Orakpo, as they should, in my opinion. Orakpo is one of the biggest variables on this entire team in that if he is injured during the season, the OLB spot is down the crapper unless Massaquoi or Mount becomes a Pro Bowler right away.

Due to the Titans being in year two of their 3-4 defense, they expect to be much faster this year.

After a lackluster Monday practice, Marcus has really bounced back in a big way in practice.

I'm not sure if he's played there before but Blidi Wreh-Wilson should get a chance at a KR spot. SuperHorn's favorite player could be out of a starting spot this upcoming year, but if he could play KR, I know at least one person who hail's from Texas and loves VY that would like to see more BWW.

Fernando Velasco says that he senses an optimism surrounding the Titans.

Quote of the Day: "He knows how to throw every ball." -Harry Douglas on Marcus Mariota's ability to pass.