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MCM Radio: 'Titans QB' and 'Accurate' Finally Used in the Same Sentence

Live tonight at 8:00 central!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The buzz around Marcus Mariota and the 2015 version of the Tennessee Titans continues to build, and your boys at MCM Radio have a lot to say about it. Tonight's episode goes live at 8:00 central, and we'll be joined by MCM Radio regular Greg Arias from 102.5 The Game.

We'll be talking about everything that's come out of the OTAs, the return of Fernando Velasco, Orakpo's health, Lewan's star power and much more.

Be sure to join us for the live show and chat room at 8 sharp, then download the podcast version via iTunes to get our exclusive bonus time conversation!

If you missed last week's show, you can get caught up by streaming it below!