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2015 NFL Draft: David Cobb Scouting Report

Will the former Golden Gopher be the thunder to Bishop Sankey's lightning?

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Player name: David Cobb

H/W: 5'11 229

Position: Halfback

School/Class: Minnesota/Senior

Measureables: 4.81 40, 38.5" vertical jump, 10'1" broad jump, 4.55 shuttle drill, 7.01 3 cone drill

The Tape

2014 vs Missouri (Bowl Game)

2014 vs Wisconsin

2014 vs Nebraska

2014 vs Michigan


  • Blocking - Cobb is one of the best at pass blocking for his position in the class. He very rarely took a loss in one on one situations during the season. The only times that I saw him taking a loss was against Missouri during the bowl game. While not the most fundamentally strong pass blocker, he does just enough to stymie his assignment. Cobb also stood out in this area at the Senior Bowl where he was masterful in one v one drills. Pass block will be the calling card that allows him to potentially wrestle away a starting spot and subsequently staying on the field on third downs over Bishop Sankey.
  • Frame - He possesses a ideal frame for a running back his size and is very well built. Runs with some force and rarely takes a big hit despite his 5'11 height thanks to a low center of gravity. It takes multiple defenders to take him down. Also has above average hands and is excellent out of the backfield on those kind of routes.
  • Instincts - Cobb has some good ones. He knows where he's headed and does it with a purpose. Isn't the greatest athlete but frequently gets away with it due to almost unseen feints and tricks on a defender. When he gets going, it's difficult to bring him down in large part to low center to gravity and his bag of tricks. Adept at finding the little gaps in the defense and exploiting them to his advantage. A willingly patient runner who sets up his blockers well before going forward. Balance and leg drive is ideal.


  • Athleticism - As his measurables and film will tell you, he isn't the greatest athlete in the world. Frequently got caught in the backfield with nowhere to go. Granted, the Minnesota's offensive line didn't grant him many favors, either. He simply isn't a world beater in terms of dynamic and explosion plays nor did the Golden Gophers ask him to be the next Reggie Bush (the mind blowing athlete from his halcyon USC days). A workhorse type who has just enough guile and athleticism to get his yards slowly and methodically. Cobb is an Aerobus A-380 jumbo jet needs a large amount of runway space to take off unlike a fighter plane.
  • Experience - He didn't do much until his junior and senior seasons, combining for just eight appearances and 65 total yards. Will two years of great play offset his lackluster freshman and sophomore campaigns?

Final Summary

Cobb is a steal in the fifth round and I couldn't believe that he lasted until then. Yes I do like the pick. Once he gets to top speed, he's hard to stop downhill. He could be the starter as early as this year over Sankey. Not the greatest athlete but is a perfect hammer complement to wear out defenses late in games. A hard worker who improved every year. Doesn't do one thing well but has enough talent to do everything. He blew up on the radar after an outstanding game against the national champion Ohio State Buckeyes in a blizzard game. The Minnesota OL was terrible and inconsistent so with a much improved line, it will be interesting to see what he can bring to the Titans. I really like his pass blocking skills. It's pretty funny that the back to back fifth round picks for the Titans have been fans of the team.

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