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Tennessee Titans News Links: Bad Takes

Your daily serving of Titan linkage!

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports has a video that was just as bad as the one the other day. They talk about the biggest boom and bust prospects and Mariota is Willie McGinest's bust. I know, you all are saying, "Ah this is just Greenlaw being a homer, he just is mad that the media #hatten# on the Titans and his boy Mariota." Well, while that is true, I also feel confident after listening to Willie's reasoning that Marcus will bust his first year, that Marcus will be a huge success. Never took a snap from under center. Well, he has before, but not only that, the Titans ran more than 70% of their passing plays out of shotgun, so um... not a problem. He says Marcus has never called a play before, and that he's never checked protections before. Also not true. If he had listened to any of Helfrich's commentary on Marcus, he would have known that. Style of play is a valid concern, but Whiz showed ability to adapt from Locker to Whitehurst to Mett last year, and they already have been working on an offense for Marcus for the past month.

Wright said Hunter acted the way he and Hunter did because they had a $200 bet on the draft pick. This is a bunch of meh to me. They are going to be sure to support whoever the QB is because both of them have a lot to lose/gain.

Kamerion Wimbley retires from the Titans. He is a good guy and I wish him well in his future endeavors.

Pizza Delivery Dude went on Titans Caravan yesterday.

Jurrell Casey made the Top 100 players on About time. I think a case could be made that Jurrell Casey is the best player in the NFL that it seems no one knows about.

Justin Hunter is talking a good game this offseason, we will see if that translates to on-field success or not.

Losing Wimbley hurt depth, but really he was very replaceable depth. He graded out as the worst 3-4 OLB after finishing as one of the worse 4-3 DEs the year before on PFF. And it is not like they just lost a starter either. They can find a vet FA that gets cut or that is out there right now and be just fine with Orakpo, Morgan, Mount, and Massaquoi plus a guy.