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Between The Posts: Titans Backfield Reloaded

Have the Titans done enough to remedy their backfield issues?

Glenn Andrews-USA TODAY Sports

In two years the Tennessee Titans have selected two running backs; a 2nd rounder on Bishop Sankey in 2014 and now a mid-late round selection in David Cobb. While many have lambasted Sankey for an unimpressive rookie campaign, the young man has tons of talent, and is a versatile weapon for the new-look Titans offense to utilize. It's clear that the Titans realized that their rushing attack last season was poor, and this can't be solely placed on Sankey's shoulders. Enter David Cobb, who many critics had as a top runner in this past draft. Cobb is a physical three down back, who can block and catch passes. Some have listed Cobb as one of the top rookie fantasy options for the 2015 season, so his supporters aren't sparse.

I don't expect Cobb to replace Sankey, but they will be part of a heavy rotation. Better still, since both players are so versatile, it doesn't tip the hand of the Titans offense when one or the other is on the field. The same couldn't really be said last season; with Leon Washington and Shonn Greene being pretty telling signs that the team was going to pass or run. Further formation changes only made their play calling more transparent.

Hopefully Cobb and FB/TE/Everything Fowler can reload the Titans once-proud backfield, and give Marcus Mariota a strong rushing game to lean on in his rookie season.